Science Policy Interface

The Geneva Water Hub operates at the dynamic intersection of science and policy, serving as a pioneering ‘boundary organization’ on water for peace. Recognizing the fluid nature of the science-policy interface, we adapt different strategies in our work - ranging from the vulgarization of scientific research, to facilitating science-policy exchanges, to policy advocacy and knowledge co-creation. While much of our work operates at the science policy interface, more information on some of our tools dedicated to science-policycan be found below.
Grant 3
Science Policy Incubator Grant on Water Diplomacy
The Geneva Water Hub's Science Policy Incubator Grant, launched in 2024 with a focus on water diplomacy, aims to bridge the gap between scientific research in the social sciences and policymaking.-
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Short article
Policy Briefs
The policy brief format allows us to provide concise summaries on issues related to water for peace to decision-makers. These short articles are aimed not only at government policy makers but also private policy makers and all those interested in formulating or influencing policy.-
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Left, Right and Centre – Water Research Insight Series
Left, Right and Centre is a water research insight series that brings together a wide range of ontological and epistemological perspectives on the politics and governance of shared waters. Depending on the specific topic, these short, policy-oriented articles may synthesize research findings, define Geneva Water Hub ‘positioning’ on contemporary issues, present new analyses, or provide specific policy recommendations.-
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