Reverberating Effects of Armed Conflict

In partnership with the ICRC, the Geneva Water Hub conducts research on the cascading consequences of armed conflict on water systems.

A better understanding of the impact of armed conflict on water systems may be able to prevent the impact in the first place. In collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the Geneva Water Hub undertakes research on the reverberating effects of armed conflict. This research is directly linked to our Protection of Water from Armed Conflict program.

This research builds upon the following publications:

  • ICRC’s landmark 2015 Urban Services report through the articles on  
  • The impact of explosive weapons on urban services: Direct and reverberating effects across space and time []
  • The impact of attacks on urban services II: Reverberating effects of damage to water and wastewater systems on infectious disease []
  • Blogs 
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