IC Forum Switzerland 2024: Thematic Session #4 - Water and Peace

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Dr. Danilo Türk, Geneva Water Hub's Lead Political Advisor, has been invited to participate in the 2024 International Cooperation Forum Switzerland held in April in Basel. His discourse sheds light on the importance of effectively managing transboundary waters to promote global water security.
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About the video

Water is the most important resource on earth. However, the distribution of and access to water often leads to conflicts. The increasing scarcity of water puts peace and stability in peril. The global water crisis has been one of the top five global risks for nine consecutive years. Water insecurity transforms into conflicts and acts as a trigger for migration. Disputes over water do not only occur more regularly, they have also become more violent. In 2017 alone, water played a major role in conflict in at least 45 countries, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa. Conflicts emerge within a country but also occur increasingly between upstream and downstream countries as an overwhelming majority of the world’s freshwater resources are transboundary. In short, there is no peace and stability without water and no water without peace.

Key Questions

How has the Rhine Convention contributed to a better transboundary management of the river from the source to the sea?
What major difficulties had to be overcome, and what key lessons/learnings can be learned for other similar cases?
How has the Blue Peace initiative helped to initiate and stimulate a constructive transboundary water management in West Africa?
What have been major obstacles, and what are the next steps?
Learn with us how best to share transboundary waters through fair agreements aiming at a peaceful coexistence. The session particularly focuses on regions where water is getting increasingly contested, and where climate change exacerbates the phenomenon of either too little or too much water. The ultimate goal is to turn water from a potential source of tension and violent conflict into a vector that promotes peace, security and prosperity for all.


Danilo Türk, Chair of the Global High-Level Panel on Water and Peace, and Political Advisor of Geneva Water Hub
Sima Samar, Former chairperson of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission and Author of OUTSPOKEN
Miriam Haritz, President of the International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine (ICPR), Head of the Directorate Water Management, Water Protection, Soil Conservation at the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection
Juliane Schillinger, Representative of the World Youth Parliament for Water


Guillaume Charron, Director Independent Diplomat, The Diplomatic Advisory Group Geneva


IC Forum 2024, Thematic Session #4 - Water and Peace