Highlighting Expert Contributions in International Law and the Protection of Freshwater and Water-Related Installations in Armed Conflicts

Protection of Water During & After Armed Conflict Report
We are pleased to recognize the efforts of our colleagues from the Geneva Water Hub, Mara Tignino and Tadesse Kebebew, whose expertise in international humanitarian law and water has been crucial as peer reviewers for the Cyber Law Toolkit project developed by University of Exeter and its partners, specifically for 'Scenario 29: Cyber Operations Against Water and Water Infrastructure.'
The Cyber Law Toolkit
The Cyber Law Toolkit

'Scenario 29: Cyber Operations Against Water and Water Infrastructure' highlights significant threats such as cyberattacks that could disrupt water supply and compromise water quality, posing risks to both human health and environmental safety.

Mara Tignino leverages her expertise, developed from authoring the Geneva List of Principles, to address legal challenges related to cyber threats to water systems. Her contributions significantly enhance global water security by integrating cybersecurity with international water law in the protection of freshwater, water infrastructure and essential services during armed conflicts.

Tadesse Kebebew's knowledge in transboundary water management and protection and international humanitarian law significantly boosts global cooperation. His leadership in developing partnerships strengthens water system resilience worldwide. 

Through their collaboration with prominent organizations such as the United Nations, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and various governmental entities, they have significantly influenced policy-making and practical measures to address cyber operations against water infrastructure. This multi-stakeholder engagement underscores the importance of a coordinated response to protect water resources and infrastructure in cyberspace.

Their combined efforts not only enrich our knowledge but also promote the development of robust legal frameworks essential for protecting vital water resources in our digital era.


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The Cyber Law Toolkit