World Bank Forum on Fragility, Conflict and Violence - Water for peace: preventing conflict related to water and wetlands


16:00 - 17:30
Room MC C2-350
The World Bank
Washington, D.C.


Preventing conflict saves lives and costs. However, only a tiny amount of Official Development Aid is spent at conflict prevention. Important reasons are that it is both difficult to translate conflict prevention into programming, as well as to quantify and measure success of conflict prevention. How does this play out for water-related conflict? Water scarcity and wetland degradation contribute to (violent) conflict about natural resources. The Water, Peace and Security Partnership (WPS) and the Geneva Water Hub organize a hands-on session about implementation and measuring the success of programmes that aim to prevent, mitigate and resolve water-related conflict.

The session brings together practitioners, policymakers and academics working in the humanitarian, development and peacebuilding sectors, with various experiences on water management.

Objectives of the session are to:

  1. break silos and build bridges between different sectors and areas of expertise by connecting practitioners, policy makers and academics from different sectors, regions and disciplines,
  2. show ways to mitigate water-related conflict by collecting good practices about water and wetland related programs that aim to prevent and reduce conflict in fragile situations,
  3. enhance collaborative thinking about measuring impact by mapping experiences in measuring and quantifying the impact of water and wetland related programs on conflict prevention and sustainable peace.

Prof Danilo Türk, Geneva Water Hub Lead Political Advisor, will deliver the conclusions of the event.

More information about the event and registration link is available at here.

The event flyer is available below.