WMO HydroHub Youth Symposium


Time: 10:00 – 16:00 UTC  I  12:00 – 18:00 CEST
Format: Hybrid
Address: Salle Obasi, WMO Headquarters (7bis Avenue de la Paix, Geneva, Switzerland)



REGISTRATION HERE (before 2 October 2022).


The WMO HydroHub Youth Symposium aims at raising awareness among the young generation on

  1. Sustainable water resources management
  2. Water monitoring
  3. Crowdsourcing and career perspectives in the field of water.

The Youth Symposium also aims at guiding and preparing young people for their participation in COP27, the Groundwater Summit 2022 and the UN 2023 Water Conference.

While substantial progress has been made in increasing access to clean drinking water and sanitation, billions of people around the world still lack these basic services. Furthermore, water-related hazards are among the most frequent types of disasters and have affected billions of people worldwide over the past 20 years. Increasing climate and weather variability is more frequently affecting the reliability of surface- and groundwater resources and increasing the intensity and distribution of floods and droughts.

In this context, water data of adequate quality and quantity is a prerequisite to address the increasing water-related challenges around the world and support decision-making in all aspects of water resources management. Enhancing the provision of water data is vital to effective water resources management and the provision of safe and reliable water supplies. In this regard, the youth engagement in the innovation and operations of water monitoring systems is essential. This includes youth participation in decision-making processes and crowdsourcing projects, as well as more young people professionally engaging in water-related fields.

The full agenda is available below.

The event poster is available below.