TV5 Monde - Objectif Monde L'hebdo - California runs dry: an analysis by the Geneva Water Hub


A collaboration between RTS and TV5 Monde
26 min

"Objectif Monde Hebdo" is a programme produced jointly by Swiss Radio and Television (RTS) and TV5 Monde. Every week it addresses a particular issue with one or several excerpts from media reports. Dominique Laresche, editor-in-chief of TV5 Monde, then discusses the issue on the set with one or several experts.

In 2021, California experienced one of its worst droughts. Thousands of Californians who depend on their wells and on water tables, suddenly found themselves without water. The cause: climate change but also intensive agriculture, in particular almond and rice crops which require a lot of water.

How did California get to that point? How to feed the planet using less water? Must blue gold become a shared resource of mankind? After broadcasting a large part of the report produced by E. M. for "Envoyé Spécial" the investigative magazine of France 2, Dominique Laresche moves the discussion on the set with the journalist and Christian Bréthaut, professor at the Institute for Environmental Sciences of The University of Geneva and Scientific Director of the Geneva Water Hub.

You can see video on the show's website below.