Transforming Water from a Strategy of War to an Asset for Peace


Lund University, Sweden
University main building, room 206

Panel discussion on Water in Peacebuilding Activities

The Lund University Law Faculty in collaboration with the Geneva Water Hub and the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcome you to an open panel discussion on Water in Post-Conflict Situations and the Role of the Security Council to reflect on the way forward to overcome the main obstacles when dealing with water issues in the aftermath of armed conflict and to examine the potential of water in peacebuilding processes.

The aim of the panel discussion is to share the results of a 2 day Expert’s Workshop held in Lund 15-16 February to a broader audiences and involve interested researchers and students in the academic community.

M. François Münger, Geneva Water Hub Director, participates in the Panel. Dr. Mara Tignino co-organized the Workshop and the public event with Dr. Britta Sjostedt from Lund University.

The summary report of the workshop is available below:

The full programme is available below:

The speaker's presentations are available below:

M. Weir, Research and Policy Director, Conflict and Environment Observatory.

Mrs. Vally Koubi, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Center for Comparative and International Studies (CIS).

M. Charles Iceland, Director, Global and National Water Initiatives, WRI.

M. Mark Zeitoun, Director, University of East Anglia, Water Security Research Centre.

Photos of the event are available below: