SIWI WWW 2018 - Refugees and Migrants: Promoting Ecosystem Protection and Human Rights

14.00-15.30, Room: FH 300

Dr Mara Tignino, Reader at the Faculty of Law and the Institute of Environmental Sciences at the University of Geneva and Coordinator of the Platform for International Water Law at the Geneva Water Hub, will intervene as a commentator on the case studies presented during the session.

The millions of migrants and refugees in transient accommodation create an environmental and a humanitarian crisis. To find long-term and sustainable solutions, we need to increase awareness of the connection between the right to a healthy environment, and its connection with the right to safe water and sanitation. These are both rights and obligations, not just of states, but also for every individual.

Balancing the scientific approach with sustainable solutions is extremely challenging, as the intricacies of individual human agendas and politics often conflict with ecosystem protection and a holistic solution that considers all considerations, both human and ecological.

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The flyer of the event is available below.

Other events 

The Geneva Water Hub invites you to join the Swiss Reception on the topic “Blue Peace and Youth” which will be held on Monday, 27 August 2018, from 17:00 to 18:00 at the Swiss booth. 

The full programme of the Swiss Water Partnership members is available below.

Photo credit: Cate Turton, DID