Geneva Peace Talks 2021 - Recovering better for an equitable & sustainable world


4:00 – 5:30 PM CEST
Livestreamed Online from Room XVIII
Palais des Nations, Geneva

As we heal from the pandemic and settle into a new “normal”, the 2021 Geneva PeaceTalks invites us to create some time and space for peace. How can a wider reflection on peace help us as we move forward as a collective?

Artist Baaba Maal will intervene to address a speech on challenges related to water and peace in the Sahel region. Baaba Maal is the mentor of Project "Voices of the River, Pathway of Peace" carried out by OMVS in collaboration with the Geneva Water Hub and a set of strategic partners (Pôle Eau DakarInternational Secretariat for WaterAssociation GlobeMilk Music, RIOB, Waterpreneurs ) which aims to engage a dialogue with the communities of the river basin Senegal on the issues pertaining to water and how water may reinforce peace and cooperation.


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