Contribution to Défis Humanitaires - The International Water Conference in New York: a reflection of our fragmented ambitions or a source of political awakening?


We are proud of the collaboration with "Défis Humanitaires" for a follow-up article on the 2023 UN Water Conference, 22-24 April in New York. The article is a close collaboration with Pole Water Dakar.

"Five decades after the 1977 Water Conference in Mar del Plata, have things fundamentally changed? As a reminder, the challenge was to prevent a future crisis by improving access to drinking water and sanitation and by modifying uses. Some countries, particularly among the developing ones, were campaigning for access to funding to develop suitable infrastructures and to anticipate the water crisis that many scientists were already predicting due to climate change. The rich countries responded with an offer to study the development and financing of water projects"

Read the full artcile HERE.