WAEMU webinar "Concerted governance and sustainable management of shared aquifers"

Organised by the The West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) Commission    
September, 28th 2023
10:29 am
Zurich (+02:00)



The Geneva Water Hub contributed to this webinar presenting the Global High Level Panel on Water and Peace’s vision on groundwater and hydrodiplomacy, as well as its applied interstate dialogue on the Senegalese-Mauritanian Aquifer Basin (SMAB). As mentioned by the Pôle Eau Dakar, it’s essential to develop and foster a network on water diplomacy in the region to address challenges related to groundwater.

A detailed debriefing of the session is available on the Global Water Partnership West Africa (GWP-WA) website on this page.

The WAEMU Commission, with the support of the Global Water Partnership West Africa (GWP-WA) and other partners, is organizing a regional workshop on "Concerted governance and sustainable management of shared aquifers". The event, will take place between 28 and 29 September 2023, bringing together over fifty (50) participants from WAEMU member countries, basin organizations, regional and international organizations (OSS, Geneva Water Hub, CILSS, etc.) and resource persons.

Experts from Member States, Transboundary Basin Organizations and Regional Organizations work together to build capacity and define strategic and operational actions to be implemented.