Summer School in Water Governance: Frameworks and Negotiations

The Geneva Water Hub's annual Summer School on "Water Governance: Frameworks and Negotiations," held since 2015, is a blended training program designed for professionals acting at strategic levels.

Since 2015, the Geneva Water Hub has been organising an annual Summer School on “Water Governance: Frameworks and Negotiations”. The objective of the Summer School is to provide professionals with new skills and knowledge, based on the latest scientific research, to apply to their professional context. Participants learn about the merits of different water governance tools to address complex political situations, to build resilience against water crises, and to innovate in the face of risk and uncertainty.

This programme has been designed as blended training and is composed of our MOOC in “Water Resources Management and Policy,” followed by four in-person modules that are delivered over two weeks, usually the two first weeks of July, at the University of Geneva.

If you are a professional acting at strategic levels and aiming to develop analytical skills on water governance processes, we encourage you to apply! For more information about the next edition, please consult the following link.

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