Youth for Water and Peace

The purpose of this space is to gather thoughts and creativity, and to give the opportunity for youth around the world to deliver messages and perspectives on the notion of water and peace. Contributions from people of diverse backgrounds and interests are welcomed. The first resources are available from the right-hand side bar.

This collaborative space is made avaialable by the World Youth Parliament for Water (WYPW), the International Secretariat for Water - Solidarity Water Europe (ISW-SWE) and the Geneva Water Hub.


Jelena Krstajic (World Youth Parliament for Water), Pippi van Ommen (World Youth Parliament for Water focal point Europe), Mara Tignino (Reader and Coordinator of the Platform for International Water Law of the Geneva Water Hub), Sarah Dousse (International Secretariat for Water Executive director), François Münger (Geneva Water Hub Director), Christian Bréthaut (Geneva Water Hub Scientific Director).

More information about the collaboration

On the occasion of the 8th World Water Forum (18-23 March 2018, Brasília, Brazil), the Geneva Water Hub and the International Secretariat for Water - Solidarity Water Europe (ISW-SWE) and the World Youth Parliament for Water (WYPW) signed a Charter to formalize their collaboration through an Internet platform dedicated to Youth and Water.

The International Secretariat for Water (ISW) - Solidarity Water Europe (SWE) form a movement bringing together citizens and organizations who are committed advocates for water. Their commitment is to ensure that all people have access to drinking water and sanitation while preserving the resources for future generations. ISW-SWE is in charge of coordinating and animating the World Youth Parliament for Water and is therefore well-positioned to contribute to the enrichment of such a dedicated space on the Geneva Water Hub Internet platform.

The World Youth Parliament for Water is a youth network advocating and acting for water around the world. This movement of passionate young people from all over the world effects induces change at all levels: from local communities, where they implement concrete actions, to the United Nations General Assembly, where they advocate for youth participation in the water sector.

More information about this dedicated space is available in the official Charter below:

The pictures of the signature event on 23 March 2018 in Brasília are available below: