Round Table - "Water, vehicle for peace in the Sahel"


World Meteorological Organization (WMO)
Room Kruzel, 2nd floor
7bis Avenue de la Paix
1211 Geneva (Access map)


This report (only available in French) presents the results of this work, which outlines potential areas for engagement, considering, inter alia, the stakes pertaining to peacebuilding issues, the role of transboundary basin agencies and other interstate structures, the engagement of armed forces, humanitarian interventions as well as the involvement of civil society, the private sector, youth and local populations for actions using water as a driver for peace.

The round table gathered experts and representatives from a variety of public and private entities. They shared interventions in their personal capacity, and thanks to their commitment, they have largely contributed to the success of this gathering and to the results presented in this report.

The Sahel region has experienced a deterioration of its security situation over the last seven years in which access to water and natural resources play a major role in tensions between communities. This situation has notably been the result of deficiencies in development policies and crises of confidence in the relations between states and their populations. Recent multilateral initiatives aim to address this issue through a "security and development" nexus. Their implementation has hitherto been characterised by a focus on the military component. The vital and strategic aspect of access to water and basic services is however underestimated. ln order to contribute to the crafting of solutions for the region, the Geneva Water Hub organised this round table aiming to conceptualise concrete actions in which water is central to development and stabilisation.