Fragility Forum 2022 - "Water Security in Fragile Contexts: Lessons from Middle East and North Africa and the Sahel Regions"


2:30 PM ET / 9:30 (UTC-5) / 14:30  (CET)
Main Stage
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We partner with The World Bank for a session on Water Security in Fragile Contexts: Lessons from Middle East and North Africa and the Sahel Regions.

The availability of adequate water resources and infrastructure is a fundamental requirement to sustain livelihoods, improve wellbeing, and build resilient societies. Given its criticality, competition over the resource can devolve into conflict, especially in regions of the world that already suffer from heightened fragility and water scarcity. The water sector is often a victim and weapon of conflict, with water infrastructure experiencing repeated cycles of targeting. At the same time, cooperative management of shared water resources can prove to be a catalyst for broader cooperation amongst countries and communities. When does the balance tilt? How can the associated risks be mitigated? And what are the opportunities to be captured? This session explores these questions and the dynamics at the nexus of water security, fragility, and economic development in two water scarce and fragility-prone regions, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and the Sahel.

To deepen our understanding, this session will present experiences from humanitarian, development and security actors working on the water sector in these regions. The panelists will dive into case studies and empirical research. For MENA, the discussion will focus on the opportunities to adapt water policy and investments to increasing vulnerabilities arising with the unprecedented levels of forced displacement and the protracted nature of conflict in the region. For the G5 Sahel, where most water is transboundary, a regional perspective will be presented on how improving water security at strategic locations, including fragility hotspots, can help address cross-border and regional challenges through three main pathways: i) reducing environmental migration and decreasing pressure on host communities ii) reducing farmers-pastoralists conflict and iii) (re)establishing citizens’ trust in the state and contributing to overall security. Throughout, the session will emphasize how providing water services, protecting people from water-related risks, and preserving shared water resources are a critical priority for sustaining development, especially in the most challenging contexts of fragility and scarcity.

Speakers include:

  • Laura Bonzanigo, Senior Water Specialist, World Bank
  • Hannes Lambrecht, Head of Programme / Support, Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre
  • Boukar Yagana Dioula, Deputy Secretary General, High Authority for Peacebuilding Of Niger
  • Nouradine Zakaria Toure, President, Regional Coordination Of Users Of Natural Resources In The Niger Basin
  • Nada majdalani, Palestinian Director, Ecopeace Middle East
  • Guillaume Pierrehumbert, Head of Water and Habitat Unit, ICRC
  • Jean Willemin, Senior Program Manager, Geneva Water Hub

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