A delegation of the Geneva Water Hub meets the Kingdom of Morocco Speaker of the House of Representatives


House of Representatives of the Kingdom of Morocco
Rabat, Morocco


This meeting was an occasion for the Speaker to shed light on the great importance given to the water sector by His Majesty the King Mohammed the Sixth who headed, earlier in April 2019, a workshop dedicated for water related issues, with the participation of the Prime Minister and other ministers and officials from the water sector. The Speaker also emphasized the Kingdom’s 50+ year old water policy that allowed the country to have its noteworthy infrastructure, and to enhance governance over its water resources. He also highlighted the “Grand Prix Mondial Hassan II pour l’Eau” whose role is to shape and promote a global sense of awareness to water related issues, and to introduce sector related initiatives.

The Geneva Water Hub’s team underlined the critical role of parliamentarian diplomacy in dealing with tensions and conflicts over transboundary water, highlighting the Kingdom’s prominent position at the level of the African continent. Additionally, the Genevan delegation provided an overview of the Geneva Water Hub’s mandate. Which aims to develop a water policies agenda that serves to prevent transboundary or trans-sectoral water conflicts, and to promote water’s role as a cooperation and peacebuilding tool.

The extensive experience that Morocco has and the particular importance given be His Majesty the King Mohammed the Sixth to the water sector, complements Morocco’s role as one of the 15 co-convening countries of the Global High Level Panel on Water and Peace, and paves the way for a prominent role in the implementation of the recommendations of the Panel report “A Matter of Survival”, and the advancement of the role of water as a vehicle for peace.

More information is available from the House of Representatives's website here.

Mr. Habib El Malki receives at the Parliament’s headquarters, together with the former Minister of water Ms. Charafat Afilal, a delegation from the Geneva Water Hub, composed of Prof. Christian Bréthaut, head of Education and Research function and Natasha Carmi, Lead water specialist.