2023 UN Water Conference - Side Event - Water, Peace, and Security in Africa


11:00-12:15 EST/GMT+5
405 E 42nd St, New York



About the Event

Water, Peace and Security are interconnected and interlinked, as water is a driver of conflict in many parts of the world while transboundary and sub-national water cooperation also serves as a conduit for peace and security. This is particularly relevant for Africa where water use and allocation have been a source of increased tension or have served to strengthen cooperation in various river basins or transboundary waters across the Continent.

Given the role that water diplomacy can play in enhancing inter-state cooperation, therefore contributing to conflict prevention and resolution, the co-organizers, together considers it essential to have a high-level discussion around the interlinkages and opportunities between water, peace and security at this critical juncture for water action at the UN, laying the foundation for further reflections on the topic in the coming years.

The side-event will include prominent speakers from a range of African countries, highlighting how water cooperation can be used to enhance peace and security, as well as identifying key opportunities, challenges and lessons-learnt for consideration in other contexts. The outcomes of the side event are expected to inform further joint practical cooperation on the theme in 2023 and beyond.

Coordinating Partners

  • Finland
  • African Union Commission
  • Swiss Confederation
  • Republic of Senegal