10th World Water Forum - Geneva Water Hub co-organizes the Bandung Spirit Water Summit

16.05.2024 Building Peace
The Geneva Water Hub is proud to co-organize the Bandung Spirit Water Summit, set to take place at the prestigious 10th World Water Forum in Bali. This summit, scheduled for May 21st at the Bali International Convention Center, features a high-level political dialogue centered on water, peace, and the Bandung Principles.

The Geneva Water Hub, in collaboration with the Indonesian government, will co-host a summit featuring over twenty current and former heads of state, government leaders, and key stakeholders. This gathering aims to address vital water issues, focusing on climate resilience, water diplomacy for peace, and achieving universal sanitation.



Danilo Türk, Political Advisor for the Geneva Water Hub, along with experts Laura Turley, PhD, and Tadesse Kebebew, will helm a critical session on water's role in peacebuilding during this significant summit.

The objectives of this summit are to refine global water policies and to enhance the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) concerning water. These efforts are expected to yield both practical and transformative outcomes.

The Geneva Water Hub is proud to contribute its recognized expertise in water diplomacy to this global platform. Our participation with distinguished partners highlights our dedication to advancing international cooperation on water issues. Our partners include:

At the Geneva Water Hub, we are committed to enhancing water diplomacy and research through partnerships with leading international organizations. We advocate for shared water management as a strategy for peace and work to influence water policy and legal frameworks globally. We also promote transboundary water cooperation and the human right to water and sanitation. The upcoming Bandung Spirit Water Summit is a crucial platform to discuss water disputes, strengthen political commitment, and promote comprehensive initiatives for peacebuilding.

We are eager to collaborate towards a more peaceful and resilient world through improved water diplomacy strategies. The Bandung Spirit Water Summit represents an essential step in our ongoing efforts to address water-related challenges and foster global peace.