Science Policy Incubator Grant on Water Diplomacy



About the Science Policy Incubator Grant on Water Diplomacy

The objective of this grant is to give policy-oriented scholars of water diplomacy and hydropolitics an opportunity to bridge their research to policy. This might involve repackaging research for different audiences, preparing training materials, making a communications plan, or more generally connecting with the right policy makers, and intervening in the right arenas. The objective is to ensure that expertise and experience from scientific research in the social sciences is reaching the audience that would benefit from it, and ultimately that this science can inform sustainable cooperation over shared resources.

What is included? 

The Science Policy Incubator Grant on Water Diplomacy aims to provide scientists with an opportunity to strengthen the potential policy impact of their research. Projects considered will make an explicit case for the policy relevance or need for this research. Through the grant program, the Geneva Water Hub hopes to build a community of practice on science diplomacy and science policy. The successful candidates will be awarded with: 

  • Funding of up to 15,000 CHF to be used in the 6 months following award. The total funding envelope is 30,000CHF to be divided into 2-3 projects (15,000 CHF max per applicant). 
  • The funds can be used towards a wide range of activities including
    • Applied research: strategies to inform specific policy processes, strategies for translating the results of science into effective policy, stakeholder mapping, adapting a conceptual paper to a new case study
    • Knowledge transfer activities: transforming academic article(s) into policy briefs, training materials, communications packages, online interfaces?
    • Engagement activities: Outreach activities, organizing dialogue or roundtable with water authorities or diplomats, connecting with policy-makers, intervening in policy arenas   
  • 2 visits to Geneva (inception meeting and wrap-up meeting)
  • Support from Geneva Water Hub staff on science-policy interface conceptualization and techniques, stakeholder mapping and identification, networking opportunities, and Geneva-based policy processes. 
  • Two one-on-one mentoring sessions with high-level water diplomats.

How to apply 

Please send a 1000-word project proposal, a budget for proposed expenses, a timeline for proposed activities, and a CV (listing your most relevant publications) to by 17 March 2024 (23:00 CET). 

More information in Grant Description below!

Grant Description


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