« Exploring discursive hydropolitics: a conceptual framework and research agenda »

Much has been written on hydropolitics, or on the interplays between transboundary water resource issues and politics. This article builds on recent calls for more research on the role of discourses in shaping hydropolitics. It proposes a conceptual framework, inspired by critical discourse analysis, for the systematic investigation of how discursive practices construct and enact actors’ power positions in transboundary basin governance. The framework’s added value lies in the typology of discourses we develop – that is, dominant, institutionalized, hegemonic and sanctioned – for a more precise analysis of discursive hydropolitics. It formulates a research agenda to operationalize the perspective on discursive hydropolitics and lay the groundwork for future empirical research.

This can be considered as the first published output of the “Monitoring International Hydropolitical Tensions” initiative with Oregon State University and IUCN Water Programme in the International Journal of Water Resources Development.

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