Conférence des Nations Unies sur l’eau 2023 - Evénement parallèle - Committing to advance transboundary water cooperation worldwide for sustainable development, climate action, stability and peace


9:30-10:45 EST/GMT+5
UN HQ, Salle de conférence 7
405 E 42nd St, New York


About the Event

The side event will highlight commitments made to the Water Action Agenda by countries and stakeholders, including basin organizations, aiming to improve transboundary water cooperation. Highlighted commitments will address different dimensions: Legal and institutional, Data, information, knowledge and technical support, Capacity development and Funding and financing.

A particular emphasis will be made on the benefits of transboundary water cooperation, and on financing.

Speakers will include high-level representatives (Ministers, heads of agencies and organizations) of coalition members and of other transboundary cooperation actors, such as river basin organizations.

Coordinating Partners

The side event is organized by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Slovenia on behalf of the Transboundary Water Cooperation Coalition.

The Transboundary Water Cooperation Coalition is a multistakeholder partnership making a commitment to the Water Action Agenda (WAA) to promote and support transboundary water cooperation at all levels worldwide. The Coalition includes: Chile, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Namibia, The Netherlands, Panama, Senegal, Slovenia, Switzerland, Uganda; European Union; ESCWA, GEF, IaDB, OAS, UNCDF, UNDP, UNECE, UNEP, UNESCO, World Bank, CeReGAS, EcoPeace Middle East, Geneva Water Hub, GWP, IGRAC, IHE Delft, INBO, IUCN, SIWI, University of Kinshasa, Water Diplomacy Center/Jordan University of Science and Technology.

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