Education and Knowledge

The activities of the Geneva Water Hub’s Education and Knowledge platform contribute to a better understanding of the challenges of water governance. This platform is part of the Institute for Environmental Sciences (ISE) of the University of Geneva, and collaborates with the Platform for international water law.

The Geneva Water Hub's Education and Knowledge Platform is articulated around two interacting axis:

  • The Education and Knowledge Platform produces and shares a range of educational resources dedicated to improving the understanding of issues related to water governance. You will find open-access resources drawn from a wide range of disciplines and can be of different types (Cartographies, thematic infographics, case studies, policy briefs, Massive Open Online Courses, etc. This platform is designed for a wide audience, from anyone who is interested in water issues, to students or scientists working with water at an operational or a political level. Our goal is to offer a wide range of educational resources, grounded in science, and intended for and accessible to a wide audience. The Platform therefore gathers inovative education programmes using Internet as a relevant vector.

  • The Platform also seeks to gather new information on the analysis of both the institutional and political aspect of water governance and hydropolitics. A Research network focuses on the latest thinking and developments in this field. This network reviews existing concepts and frameworks and determines how these can best influence the future of water governance. The findings from this ongoing scientific debate are captured in a multitude of formats – articles published in specialised literature, books, policy notes or case studies. All material are available on this Platform.

We encourage you to use and share the Education and Knowledge's resources widely. If you have any requests or remarks, the team at Geneva Water Hub would be happy to hear from you. All the latest news of our activities can also be found on the following social media:




You can download the Education and Knowledge leaflet below: