Water for Peace Diplomacy in the Sahel

The Geneva Water Hub has been facilitating a dialogue on “Water as Driver of Peace in the Sahel” since 2018, with actors from development, humanitarian, peacebuilding and security communities. By applying the framework from the Global High-Level Panel on Water and Peace to the multifaceted crisis impacting the Sahel region, the Geneva Water Hub and its strategic partners have spearheaded a reflexion on how to use water as entry point to prevent and resolve conflicts at the local, intersectoral and transboundary levels.
Dakar Bay
The Dakar Water Hub
We believe that water diplomacy demands dynamic leadership, and deep contextual knowledge, to address the complex challenges of water resources. Leveraging its significant contribution and leadership role as Vice-Chair of the Global High-Level Panel on Water and Peace, Senegal launched the Dakar Water Hub (Pôle Eau Dakar).-
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Areal Senegal
Transboundary Basin Organizations for Peace
The Senegal River Basin Organization (OMVS) is a well-known example of regional cooperation over water management. The Geneva Water Hub maintains a longstanding partnership with the OMVS, supporting its development initiatives and collaborative efforts. -
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Zone Fragiles
Empowering Local Actors in Fragile Zones
We empower local actors to reinforce water-related cooperative practices in fragile zones. Recognizing the shared view that intercommunity conflicts exacerbate insecurity and state destabilization, we consider strengthening local resilience crucial for sustainable peace. To achieve this, we focus on revitalizing community concertation mechanisms regarding water points and land use to promote social cohesion. Moreover, we support local actors in articulating their visions and proposing solutions to challenges encountered at the community level. In collaboration with authorities and UNHCR in Mauritania, we are actively engaging in dialogue between host and refugee communities regarding water points in and around the largest refugee camp in the Sahel. Through a participative research action program, we aim to facilitate community-driven solutions to technical and management challenges encountered at various types of water points.-
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